The Studio
My studio is in my home, which is great because then we have all of the amenities during our shoot: a changing room, a bathroom, a kitchen, air conditioning, the list goes on! Most importantly, it’s very private and cozy. No one will bother us! Another perk is that I have a pretty cool little collection of furniture & props — you only need to bring yourself!
I use strobes (i.e. a big flash) for much of my boudoir work. The big advantage is that we don’t have to rely on sunlight or being outside — we can shoot indoors without worrying about time. My studio also has very tall ceilings, so I’m able to position the light in all kinds of ways. We can experiment with a few different setups and see which one you like best!
Aesthetic Style
I like to mix dark & moody shots with bright & airy ones. It’s fun to play with shadows & ambiance! Whether you want a series of photos that are more mysterious or more playful, we can make that happen with some simple lighting changes. We can go for a more muted & stylish style, or we can glam it out for a more luxe vibe. I’d love to hear your ideas and what you have in mind!
Editing Style
In general, I go for an elegant, polished look for boudoir sessions. When posing & shooting, I focus on everything being clean and flattering. In post-production, I pay extra attention to skin and beauty retouching. Nothing crazy or over-the-top; just a special dose of TLC! If you have stretch marks, skin darkening, or any other unique physical characteristics, just let me know if you’d them retouched or kept in. Whatever you’d like!
Hair & Makeup
If you’d like to have your hair & makeup done, you have the option of having it done before you arrive or we can arrange to have a professional come to the studio. Either way, I do recommend dolling up a bit for photos — even if you’re going for a natural look. Most makeup artists will apply a bit of extra makeup all around, as it tends to look less intense in photos as it does in person. A little extra eye & lip makeup especially makes a difference!
Wardrobe & What to Wear 
I think that a lot of people associate boudoir with nude, but that certainly doesn’t have to be the case! You can opt for some modest lingerie, a silk robe, or even a swimsuit! It really depends on the vibe that you’re going for. Do you want the photos to look more Victoria’s Secret or vintage pin-up? Or maybe something else entirely? Whatever you have in mind, I’d love to plan it out with you!
It’s totally normal not to know quite what to do… I TOTALLY get it! Instead of starting with something difficult right out of the gate, I like to ease into things with some relaxed poses first. Then we can get into the groove and loosen up and then move into the more challenging stuff. I’ll guide you the entire way, and will help you into a variety of natural, organic scenes.
Being Awkward
Not sure what to do with your hands? No worries, I got you! My style is to first get you in place with a flattering, natural pose. From there, I engage you with fun conversation & little prompts to get candid reactions flowing. From there, we riff off of each other and everything evolves in a beautiful and organic way.
Props & Furniture
I have a range of options at my studio: an upholstered ottoman, a classic settee, a metal rose bench, an industrial metal chair, a vintage studded leather chair, and a white grand peacock chair. I also have a set of stools and other handy pieces! Any option can be paired with a variety of backdrops for a truly custom look. 
Trying to put together a Pinterest board of favorite photos? I’d love to see! It can also be useful to break down the poses that you like in your head. Study how their arms are placed, where their feet are grounded, and how they’ve turned in to each other. And/or just send me the photos and I’ll do all of that for you. 😉


Want More Information?

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