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A joyful woman in a green floral dress lifts a toddler in a yellow dress into the air. They're outdoors with a sunlit mountain in the background. The toddler's hair flies up as they smile at each other.
Two people happily holding hands and smiling at each other while walking on a nature trail, with lush greenery and hills in the background during golden hour.
most people want to be in the Moment


Taking photos can be a thing. I promise to make it all as easy as possible for you!

We’ll keep it chill and fun so you can focus on what’s important.

All of my session packages are customizable and can be tailored to your exact specifications.

Every option includes:


who’s done this a few times before


when we actually take the photos

post-production & PROOFING

every single image is hand-edited by yours truly


all of your favorites are given a little extra love

a private online gallery

with tons of features + all of your high res photos

A couple kissing on the cliffs of a cliff overlooking the ocean.

Petite Session


  • Includes 10 Final Images
  • Additional Images $20/each
Joshua tree engagement photographer joshua tree engagement photographer joshua tree engagement photographer joshua tree engagement photographer jo.

Signature Session


  • Full Gallery
  • Approximately 1.5 Hours
An image of a couple kissing in front of the ocean.

adventure Session


  • Full Gallery
  • Additional Shoot Time
  • Extended Travel Radius

A pregnant couple laying on a couch in a living room.

Petite Session


  • Includes 10 Final Images
  • Additional Images $20/each
A family walking down a path with a little girl in a green dress.

Signature Session


  • Full Gallery
  • Approximately 1 Hour
A family walks down a road with their children in the background.

Specialty Session


  • Full Gallery
  • Additional Shoot Time
  • Extended Family / Travel / Etc.

A well-dressed man in a tailored black suit and tie standing against a dark background, looking to the side with a thoughtful expression as he adjusts his tie.

Petite Session


  • Includes 2 Final Images
  • Additional Images $125/each
A professional young woman with long brown hair and a friendly smile, wearing a stylish black blazer over a white top, against a white background, conveying a sense of approachability and confidence.

Creative Session


  • Includes 10 Final Images
  • Additional Images $100/each
A confident man with tattoos sits on a tall stool. He wears a black T-shirt and maroon trousers, with his hands clasped. His expression is serious and he looks directly at the camera, against a dark textured background.

Specialty Session


  • Full Gallery
  • Additional Shoot Time
  • Branding / Boudoir / Etc.
A professional portrait of a middle-aged man with a neutral expression, wearing a dark suit, white shirt, and light blue tie against a soft blue background. He has short, dark hair and is looking directly at the camera.
  • Individuals + Teams
  • On-Site + On-Location
  • Custom Quotes + Packages

Branding + marketing

Corporate + executive

Website + Social

A professional headshot of a smiling Caucasian woman with long blonde hair, wearing a black blazer, light blue blouse, and a pearl necklace, set against a white background.
A professional man in a sharp blue suit and tie stands confidently in front of an elegant building with archways and landscaped greenery.

An attentive border collie with striking brown and white fur sits against a white background, looking directly at the camera with intelligent, alert eyes.
Interested in something else?

Custom packages are possible + welcome! Just let me know what you have in mind.

For teams or corporate headshot packages, please contact me for a bespoke quote.

And if you’re looking for something a little different, let’s talk!

the Process
how it all works


We schedule a time, date, and location for your session. I send over the contract. Full galleries may be purchased in advance. All of the paperwork is electronic and lives in your client portal.


The best lighting for outdoor shoots is later in the afternoon, within 2 hours of sunset. And if you have any questions about wardrobe, props, and so forth, I’m happy to help!


Once the session is over, I edit all of the images and send you a gallery link. All of your final selects and/or full galleries get a second pass, which includes fine-tuning and more detailed retouching.


Choose your favorites. If you originally booked a package with a set image limit, you have the option to upgrade your collection from right within the gallery. Full gallery options bypass this step.


For galleries with set image limits. Once you’ve finalized your selection, I’ll send over the invoice and get to work on finishing your images.


As soon as everything’s complete, you’ll receive a big beautiful gallery with all of your high res photos.

A black and white photo of a smiling woman holding a toddler in her arms, standing on a pathway with arched hedges and a circular fountain in the background.

“We absolutely love them! Don’t know how you managed to capture so many good ones even with a cranky toddler.”

A joyful little girl with wavy hair and a bright smile wears a blue velvet dress, complemented by a blue hair clip, posing against a dark backdrop during her photo sessions.
We don’t see things as they are; we see them as we are.

— Anaïs Nin

A couple shares an intimate moment on a coastal rock formation, with waves gently brushing against the shore under a pastel sunset sky, symbolizing their romantic connection and the beauty of nature.

“You are a magician! I didn’t expect to have this many good photos to choose from!”

A couple shares a romantic moment under an illuminated umbrella in the rain, on a bridge with a historic building's dome in the background. Snowflakes add a whimsical touch to the night scene.
Frequently asked questions

Maternity, children & family, special occasions & milestones, boudoir & glam, professional & headshot (both commercial & theatrical), and probably some others not listed here.

I just love photographing people & personalities!

Many of my techniques are derived from the darkroom: dodging, burning, and color adjustments. I balance the highlights & shadows, even out the tones & gradations, and accentuate the overall color & contrast.

As for any actual retouching, I’m all about clean and flattering.

Most certainly. I always include both so that you have the best of both worlds.

This one’s tough to estimate since every single shoot is unique, but typically it’s at least 40.

Regardless of the exact number, I assure you that I will give you a wide range with plenty of options!

Usually about 2 weeks.

Yes, the gallery is loaded with all of the high res files. All of your final selects can be downloaded and can be shared and/or printed however you’d like.

Yep, you can either order prints right from your gallery link or you can order them through me directly. Everything is produced with archival ink on archival paper and with immense attention to detail.

You can read more about everything here.

A family dressed formally, consisting of a man, a woman, and a young child, pose with a zebra in a lush green setting. The child playfully holds a toy camera and a leash attached to the zebra.
A pregnant woman in a black dress and wide-brimmed hat stands in a tree-lined path, hand on her back and one on her belly, looking thoughtfully to the side. The image is in black and white, emphasizing her serene expression.

Yes, just let me know what you have in mind. We have so many options in this fair city of ours!

Absolutely! Let’s chat and we can figure out the details.


Yes! This is often preferred for teams and/or businesses. My entire setup is mobile; I just need at least 10×10 feet.

I have a cute little condo in the San Fernando Valley that doubles as my studio. I also have a list of spaces that we can rent if you’re looking for a more dynamic location.

Some surprises are wonderful, but not when it comes to something that you didn’t think you had to pay for in the first place.

Unless you want to include prints, albums, or other à la carte items, there are no extra fees or hidden costs.

Cash, check, credit card, PayPal, and Zelle.

Unfortunately, I unable to accept bitcoin or livestock at this time.

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