HI! I’m Sam.

Alternative Photographer

A joyful woman with shoulder-length red hair, wearing a black sleeveless dress and glasses, laughs as she touches her glasses, against a dark gray background.
binge watcher
nature lover
quiet observer


Calm, cozy solitude with a damn fine cup of coffee. A gentle hand caressing your hair. Breathing in deeply after a killer workout. Long, leisurely dinner parties with loved ones.

That joy, that warmth, and that comfort are some of my favorite things. I look to those deep connections and those marvelous moments in time. That is where the spirit of my work lives.

I tell your story both as it exists and how it feels. Together, we document the present and simultaneously create images that embody how you remember it.


  • in you doing you
  • that friends & family are everything
  • in the power of music, laughter, and the ocean
  • that most dresses should have pockets
  • in intention
  • in keeping it chill
Leave everything you were outside this door. Everything you are, bring with you.

— Penny Dreadful


  • all black everything
  • the smell of rain
  • candlelight & moody ambiance
  • the 90s
  • dry, dark, and/or British humor
  • the strange & unusual
the Support Staff
A close-up portrait of a black dog with shiny fur, wearing a studded collar. the dog has a serious expression and bright, attentive eyes, set against a dark, blurred background.


  • also KNOWN AS the buff

9 years of experience. Loves people. Terrible with other animals.

A profile portrait of a dog with a striking, wind-blown fur mane, predominantly black, with tan and white accents. it wears a simple black collar and is set against a dark background, highlighting its profile.


  • also goes by mox

14 years of experience. The OG. The sweetest and the cuddliest.

A monochrome portrait of a woman with glasses, wearing a sleeveless top, standing confidently with her hands on her hips against a dark background. her expression is serious and contemplative.
It’s like, how much more black could this be? And the answer is none. None more black.

— This Is Spinal Tap

the Story so Far


During my good old days at USC, I focused on a few of my favorite things: English, Film, and Photography.

That meant a ton of literature (especially from the Romantic & Victorian eras), endless movies, and days-long stints in the darkroom. It was AWESOME.

A woman in a black dress joyfully makes peace signs with both hands, her mouth open in a lively expression. she wears glasses and has shoulder-length dark hair, all against a dark background.


After college, I began working at a snazzy post-production lab that specialized in commercial, entertainment, and fine art photography.

I went on to become the producer & studio manager for a celebrity photographer, and then I ended up back in the realm of post-production via a boutique retouching house.


Officially launched Sam Turchin Photo.

It was both terrifying and exhilarating.

Owning your own business is a TRIP.


Started to specialize and find my groove. Got married and moved across the city. Said goodbye to Venice and hello to the Valley.

I think that I’ll always be a beach girl at heart.


12 years in business.
200+ weddings under my belt.
400+ sessions done and delivered.

Countless and never-ending hours editing. Send help.

A black and white portrait of an expressive woman wearing glasses, a dark blazer, and a deep-neck top. she has her mouth wide open in a shout or scream and is pulling her blazer apart, standing against a dark background.

The journey never ends. Join me!

Let’s go bowling.