a fun & candid photo a couple walking down the street Cahuenga in Hollywood on their wedding day

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My name is Sam Turchin and I’m a photographer.

I love capturing momentary scenes and scenic moments—and those spaces in between.

My mission is to photograph settings as they feel and you as you are: genuinely, uniquely, and radiantly.

Wedding and Portrait Photography

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from Past Clients:

"Working with Samantha felt like being with an old friend. She exudes warmth and kindness and she is exceptionally talented. My fiancé and I both felt like she understood the essence of our relationship and she was able to capture that effortlessly on camera."

a dramatic & colorful silhouette portrait of a bride & groom dancing on top of a mountain at Reptacular Ranch in Sylmar during sunset

"Samantha is SUCH a sweetheart & super down to earth. It was such an ease to work with her and you could easily tell how comfortable we (and everyone she photographed) were just through how natural and comfortable we looked in the photos. The quality of her work is really beautiful — her photos definitely have a timeless, elegant, and romantic feel.”

a romantic storybook photo of a bride & groom kissing underneath a chandelier at their ceremony site at night

"Sam is amazing. From her calming yet fun demeanor to her professionalism and ability to adjust to changes on the fly. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a photographer!"

"Sam is a true artist. She's very present in the moment, recognizes what's important, and captures that moment with a style that is just extraordinary."

a colorful & dramatic silhouette of a bride & groom standing in a vintage hallway at the Hotel Figueroa in Downtown Los Angeles

"Our family photos look like works of art, our first look and ceremony photos were close and intimate, the pictures of the guests at the reception were candid and real, the shots of the concert we had after the dinner were dark and atmospheric, the photos of the decor and food looked straight out of a magazine... Basically, Samantha got the perfect shot every situation."

a whimsical storybook photo of a bride & groom in a dip kiss in a green garden during their wedding at Wattles Mansion in Hollywood

“Sam has the absolute most perfect chemistry you want when booking a photographer. She is genuinely enthusiastic about every single shot she takes and her shots are breathtaking."

a beautiful photo of a groom leaning into a bride while she looks away pose outside at the Newhall Mansion

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