The Studio
My studio is in my home, which is great because then we have all of the amenities during our shoot: a changing room, a bathroom, a kitchen, air conditioning, the list goes on! Most importantly, it’s very private and cozy. No one will bother us! Another perk is that there are plenty of pretty outdoor spots nearby.
Natural Lighting
Looking for a natural outdoor portrait? We can do those nearly anywhere, and I’m happy to travel to you. I use lenses that completely blur out the background, so the options are endless. I always do a set in front of a neutral wall and then another set with a more colorful background. We can coordinate that based on your wardrobe, too!
Studio Lighting
Studio lighting offers a whole new realm of possibilities. You can go instantly from bright & airy to sophisticated & moody with a simple setup change. Studio portraits are especially clean and polished. They are perfect for headshots, social media, and any other professional photos. Shoots in my studio offer the full range of equipment that I have available. If you’d rather do the shoot in your own home, then I can travel to you with an abridged portable kit.
Types of Portraits
Maybe you’re an actor or maybe you’re just looking for a nice professional photo for your resume. Maybe you’re starting a small business and you need some personal branding shots. Whatever you need photos of yourself for, I’ll work with you to put together some polished & elegant portraits!
Professional Photo
If you need a professional headshot for your business & social media profiles, we can certainly make that happen! I’d first ask about the overall style that you’re looking for: more dramatic and static? More airy and natural? And then I’d also want to check if there were any specific sizes or aspect ratios that you need.
For acting headshots, I will always take a range of posed and candid photos. Within those two, I also mix smiling and more serious shots. That gives the whole gallery a great range of faces and emotions! I also suggest doing a series in both natural and artificial lighting. Between those and a collection of wardrobe pieces, we can create a stunning collection of dynamic looks!
Commercial vs Theatrical
If you’re an actor and you need both, you’ve come to the right place! For these, I like to mix both natural and studio lighting. Commercial headshots are usually best done in natural lighting, whereas theatrical are much more suited to the studio. Of course, we can switch between the two as desired!
Personal Branding
If you need photos for your business, the first thing to determine is if you want them to be more classic or more lifestyle. My first priority is to tailor the photos exactly to you. After we discuss the overall style & tone, we can compile a mood board and figure out the rest of the logistics.
Corporate Photos
If you run a business and need some photos of your team, I would love to help! We can do both individual and group shots in a variety of settings & lighting. I have a few portable backdrops as well as an on-location lighting kit. This combination makes photos especially consistent — every shot will have the same setup so each one will perfectly match the others.
Personal Portraits
Maybe nothing I’ve listed so far really applies to you and you’re just looking for a set of awesome portraits for no particular reason. If that’s the case, then let’s have some fun! We can go for a more muted & stylish style, or we can glam it out for a more luxe vibe. I’d love to hear your ideas and what you have in mind!


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