Kind Words from Past Clients

a romantic storybook photo of a bride & groom kissing underneath a chandelier at their ceremony site at night

The Hartley Botanica, Somis

Austinae & Brent

“Samantha was our wedding photographer & we absolutely loved her work! Firstly, Samantha is SUCH a sweetheart & super down to earth. I knew right away I wanted to work with her because I felt so comfortable around her and genuinely liked her as a person.

So, as a result of that and naturally, it was such an ease to work with her and you could easily tell how comfortable we (and everyone she photographed) were just through how natural and comfortable we looked in the photos. I would say her photography style is photojournalistic so she really captures 'in the moment and candids' beautifully.

She did such a phenomenal job at capturing the essence of our day. All of the photos just express so much of everyone's true emotion — which was lots of love, laughter, and happiness. I had such a huge smile on my face and was laughing so much just going through all the photos when I first saw them because it was like reliving the special day. :)

The quality of her work is really beautiful — her photos definitely have a timeless, elegant, and romantic feel. We absolutely loooooove our wedding photos!”

a colorful & dramatic silhouette of a bride & groom standing in a vintage hallway at the Hotel Figueroa in Downtown Los Angeles

Hotel Figueroa, Downtown Los Angeles

Andrea & Nate

"Sam was totally professional, reasonable, and just really easy to work with (I can't stress that part enough). And the results speak for themselves. Her photos are epic.

Sam is a true artist. She's very present in the moment, recognizes what's important, and captures that moment with a style that is just extraordinary. We had hoped to have one or two key photos of the night that we'd be able to frame and look at for the rest of our lives. We ended up with a ton of them.

As a filmmaker, not only am I focused on the story and the content, but I'm incredibly critical of exposure, composition, color, contrast, focus, and all of the technical aspects of an image. I couldn't be happier with Sam's work. She hit a grand slam for us, and I would recommend her to anyone, any time, for any occasion."

a whimsical photo of a couple in dress clothes walking through a field with red balloons with mountains in the background at Malibu Creek State Park

The Glenoaks Ballroom, Glendale

Jane & Kyu

“We fell in love with her style — a very romantic style which was exactly what we were looking for. She was very accommodating of our work schedule and made herself available to meet with us in the evening after work. The meeting was great because she really made an effort to get to know us and we got to know more about her and her work.

Samantha is very detailed oriented, which we really appreciated. We had very specific requests of what we wanted her to capture on our wedding day and she captured them all. She checked in prior to our wedding to make sure of all the details. Arrived on time the day of and was just really easy to work with!

I love her user friendly website she uses for payments, contract, and for all the photos. So organized! Love it! Thank you for capturing our beautiful day!”

a cute cozy candid photo of a bride & groom touching noses while holding a blanket together during their engagement photography session in Playa del Rey

Eden Oaks Ranch, Escondido

Kim & Matt

"Sam photographed our wedding as well as our engagement shoot. I would highly recommend her for many, many reasons. There were two major things that jumped out at me right away from her website when I was doing my initial research:

The first was the style of the photos she takes. They really stand out from so many other photographers... Visually it was just what I was looking for. And then second, the amount of information she gives on her website was the most impressive thing ever. This really showed me how organized she was, which was really important to me when I was looking for wedding vendors.

And once my husband and I met her in person, we were even more sure she was exactly who we wanted. Her personality is so nice and fun and down to earth and calm while also in charge and confident. It was the perfect combo of someone who was cool to hang out with but also experienced and professional... She was an absolute dream to work with."

a colorful still portrait of a bride & groom standing on rocks & facing each other during sunset on a beach in Newport on the day of their Laguna Beach wedding

The Island Hotel, Newport Beach

Melinda & Jared

"Sam is the best! She photographed our wedding as well as our engagement photos. She immediately got us and our style, and we instantly clicked with her and knew she was the one.

For people not comfortable being the center of attention, she was perfect; she made us feel relaxed and injected a lot of humor into our shoots. In fact, our photo session post-ceremony was a nice breather in between the ceremony and reception!

Of course, we loved her style too and her photos are beautiful. She was very flexible and communicative. You can bring your own ideas, but she knows when to take control and take beautiful photos that you'll cherish in the future. In short, we loved her and highly recommend her for your special day!"

a soft photo of a bride & groom walking away from the camera under Spanish architecture during their wedding in Camarillo

Wedgewood Sterling Hills, Camarillo

Lorinda & Todd

"After getting our photos back, I was literally moved to tears because they are so beautiful, and so perfectly captured the day. To top it off, Sam is such a pleasure to be around, which was important, because she was my by side the entire day. She was such a calming presence, so professional, and went above and beyond each step of the way.

She is a talented & skillful photographer when it comes to her eye for detail combined with composition & color. I knew I wanted a documentary aesthetic... She knows how to take moments beyond the posed or expected shots and document the REAL emotions of the day.

Working with Sam was honestly just a dream. She is a true artist, passionate about providing compelling photos. I recommend her for any special event or phase of life you wish to capture."

a dramatic editorial portrait of a bride & groom standing together and facing outwards on top of a mountain in the Angeles National Forest

The Lodge at Malibou Lake, Agoura Hills

Laura & Kevin

"Samantha! I don’t even know where to begin to express my sincere and overwhelming gratitude to you for these absolutely wonderful photos.

I am blown away by the talent you posses. You’ve truly captured the joy and love we felt that day, both from each other and our loved ones.

Kevin and I will cherish these photos and memories you’ve captured forever. Thank you SO much!"

a romantic photo of a bride & groom almost kissing in a lush green garden after their wedding ceremony at the Hartley Botanica near Moorpark

The Hartley Botanica, Somis

Ashley & Jack

“Samantha is an exceptional photographer!! She made my engagement photos look INCREDIBLE and our wedding pictures look absolutely magical.

Our pictures are better than we could have imagined! We will be using her for all of our family event pictures in the future. She has a great eye and beautiful style to her photos.

Samantha is also an incredible person! She helped me into my wedding dress bustled it for me and took my wedding shoes off all with a smile on her face!! There is no one like her! Her work is absolutely amazing!”

a whimsical storybook photo of a bride & groom in a dip kiss in a green garden during their wedding at Wattles Mansion in Hollywood

Wattles Mansion, Hollywood

Hayley & Ben

"We hired Samantha to photograph our wedding based on the artistic, photojournalist style that her photos had, which was exactly what we were looking for to capture the spirit and atmosphere of our wedding day.

As the wedding approached she was attentive and careful to make sure she knew all the specific shots we wanted/needed. She has such a fantastic eye for composition and framing; we love the photos that came out of it.

Our family photos look like works of art, our first look and ceremony photos were close and intimate, the pictures of the guests at the reception were candid and real, the shots of the concert we had after the dinner were dark and atmospheric, the photos of the decor and food looked straight out of a magazine... Basically, Samantha got the perfect shot every situation."

a beautiful photo of a groom leaning into a bride while she looks away pose outside at the Newhall Mansion

Newhall Mansion, Piru

Maegen & Alex

"Sam has the absolute most perfect chemistry you want when booking a photographer. She is genuinely enthusiastic about every single shot she takes and her shots are breathtaking.

Speaking of shots, Sam worked closely with us to meticulously pre-plan out a ton of wedding shots weeks before our wedding, each of which came out beautifully natural. But on top of that, Sam is insanely flexible.

On our wedding day, we actually were ahead of schedule during our wedding shots and were able to capture a ton of off-the-cuff shots taking advantage of the magical lighting that our venue offered.

She's detailed oriented, organized and a true professional in every sense of the word. But most of all, she's genuinely passionate about getting the best for her clients. At the start of all this, we hired a vendor (who did an amazing job), but ended with a friend."

a fun photo of a cute couple posing in front of a camel during their rustic outdoor wedding at Reptacular Ranch in Sylmar, Los Angeles

Reptacular Ranch, Sylmar

Alicia & Greg

“Where do I even begin? I fell in love with Samantha's work as soon as I visited her website, and after having her recommended to me by a friend, the deal was sealed.

Working with Samantha for my wedding felt like being with an old friend. She exudes warmth and kindness and she is exceptionally talented. My fiancé and I both felt like she understood the essence of our relationship and she was able to capture that effortlessly on camera.

Samantha truly has an eye for those beautiful in-between moments that are often lost in the bustle of a wedding day, and I could not be more delighted with our photos. She made us feel so incredibly special on our wedding day, and I am so glad we found her.”

a cool unique night portrait of a bride & groom holding lightsabers during a Star Wars themed wedding at Middle Ranch in Lake View Terrace Sylmar

Middle Ranch, Lake View Terrace

Jacqui & Devin

“Oh my gosh - Samantha is AMAZING! From the moment we met her, we instantly knew we wanted her to be our photographer. She is so sweet and so insanely talented.

One of my bridesmaids mentioned how much she loved the time that Samantha took to make sure every picture was perfect, and everyone looks incredible in every picture. No one looks stiff or staged or uncomfortable, and I love that you can see all of the personalities shining through.

I also love that she was encouraging and enjoying all of the nerdy little things we wanted to do, and she highlighted every single thing that was important to us. We are going to cherish these gorgeous memories for so many years to come! And everyone who had a chance to talk to Samantha absolutely loved her.

I'm pretty sure my parents tried to adopt her at some point (and might still be trying? No one tell them that's not how it works!), but I also love that my mom actually asked me if she took any pictures during the ceremony because apparently my mom never saw or heard Samantha during the ceremony. So she's not only an amazing photographer, but also a camera ninja! I feel like there's a million more nice things I could say, but just do yourself a favor and contact Samantha to see for yourself!”